Fletcher Handcrafted Guitars is now offering  private building courses.
 Have you ever dreamed of custom building your own guitar ? Would you like to spend 5 days in my workshop as we build your dream guitar together ?   It is now possible.   One-on-one and small group classes are welcome.
 We can build a “Strat” style or “Tele” style guitar –  Guitar is 100% completed except for finish and is strung up with a full setup.   ( NOTE: 5 days does not allow enough time to spray a lacquer finish. We can however apply an oil finish to the neck and body if time permits ).
 Contact David for more information.
 The cost of a Private “One on One” guitar building course is AUS $3000 and includes all materials and full template set.
 Location:  Wollongong,  New South Wales, Australia ( Approx. 80kms South of Sydney )
 Accommodation is available close by for interstate travelers.

Testimonial – Matt Maloney
“I received a Fletcher Guitars build course as a gift for ‘significant’ birthday.
I familiarised myself with David’s excellent videos, due to my lack of woodworking skills!
David’s patient guidance made the build experience a pleasure. From having never held a router on Monday to packing my beautiful new ‘Tele’ on Friday! I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and recommend it to everyone ! “
Matt Maloney

Testimonial – Daniel Jacobson
” Fletcher guitars building course is a great experience – one on one time with a knowledgeable luthier to guide you to build your first electric guitar. 
If you’ve always wanted to build your own guitar but don’t know where to start, look no further. Highly recommended “

Testimonial – Carey McConnell
“I recently completed the Fletcher Guitar Building course and would like to take the opportunity to thank David and recommend it to anyone who is considering undertaking the course. The course provides the opportunity to learn from a truly gifted luthier and to walk away at the end of the week with a beautiful handcrafted instrument. I have been playing guitar for 43 years and the instrument that David helped me produce is the best I have ever played.
The other aspect of the course that made it so enjoyable was how comfortable David makes you feel. I felt completely at home during the build and was amazed at how freely he shared his knowledge and experience.
Thanks again David for the best week I have had for years”

Testimonial – Fraser Nightingale
“Recently I completed a special custom 1 on 1 course at Fletcher Handcrafted Guitars. My time with David was one of the most joyous experiences that I have had in years. Over the course of a week, we created a piece of true craftsmanship. It plays, looks and feels better than all my other guitars. It was such a surreal sight to see my dream guitar transform from a drawing into the real thing. David is extremely knowledgeable and patient, he truly made my first guitar building experience an absolute pleasure. I would definitely fly back to do another course without hesitation.
Thank you once again David.”

Testimonial – Ross Fairweather

“I had been following Dave Fletcher’s video’s on You Tube and upon discovering he offered a guitar building course, in my mind it was just a question of when I could travel interstate to do the course.   I completed the 5 day course and I was immediately impressed with the laid back yet ultra professional style Dave presents.    He is massive on explanation and the detail and technique required to build a guitar I learnt massive amounts in workmanship, professionalism and patience in completing the tasks at hand    I knew I would finish up with a great guitar but it still exceeded my expectations.   The guitar plays so well it is preferred guitar of choice    I would recommend anyone to do this course.”